Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner writes in his book, Frames of Mind: Theory of Multiple Intelligence, that music is one of the intelligences all people have at birth. Dr. Edwin Gordon, one of the foremost experts in music learning theory, has determined that all children are born with the potential to learn and appreciate music; it is their birthright. He calls this their “music aptitude.”
How much a child develops musically is dependent on exposure to a rich musical environment in the early years. Recent studies have confirmed the role music plays in the development of the child’s brain. There are significant effects of music on brain reasoning, higher achievement in math and reading, and the reinforcement of social-emotional objectives. More recent studies support the theory that all four areas of the brain are affected and, hence, more highly developed, when musical stimulation occurs.

“Studying music and the arts elevates children’s education, expands students’ horizons, and teaches them to appreciate the wonder of life.”

Richard Riley,
Former U.S. Secretary of Education