All children have talent.

Parents attend each lesson, supervise practice sessions and are an integral part of their child’s musical development. Only positive encouragement is given to the child bythe parent.

There is early emphasis on correct posture and hand position so that students learn to play the instrument correctly from the beginning.

Children learn to listen to their own playing and develop a very fine ear for music.

Children listen to CD’s of the pieces they are learning over and over so the music is in their heads while they are learning the pieces. They know how the pieces should be played from regular listening sessions with the CD.

Shinichi Suzuki, who developed the Suzuki Method, called it the “mother tongue approach.” Children listen to the “language of music” long before they are required to read musical notation. This enables the children to play rather difficult pieces quickly, as they are not learning to play the instrument and to read music at the same time in the beginning of their musical studies.

Children are very motivated because they are learning to play music that sounds good to them.
Suzuki Method is an aural method of teaching young children a musical instrument. Characteristics of the method include: